Reporting and Compliance

Reporting and Compliance

Historical Reporting and Trending – CECL Ready

ARCS acts as your validated data warehouse for all sources of loan, deposit, and customer information. Daily updates allow for powerful look-back reporting and trending. Accurate, detailed historical loan data is critical for the effective implementation of the new FASB Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) model. Are you ready?

Concentration Reporting

Define specific capital or portfolio concentrations by loan type, and instantly analyze portfolio concentrations for any effective date.

Examiner Toolkit

ARCS provides a revolutionary toolkit for streamlining regulatory exams.

  • Provide examiners remote or local access to your loan and deposit portfolio, documents, and reports, without granting access to the bank’s internal network.
  • Restrict visibility to specific exam scope.
  • Examiners can quickly and easily view specific loan details for any effective date, along with the complete electronic loan file images.
  • Dramatically reduce FTE time spent on exam preparations

Recent feedback from a bank exam:

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and this is the best system we’ve ever used to perform an exam. It was very easy to use and accessible. I loved seeing the loan history details as of any prior date. I would estimate ARCS allowed us to go through the loans 4-5 times faster than usual.”

Lead Examiner-In-Charge, $8B Bank

Loan Portfolio Segmentation

Users can easily create private or shared loan portfolios using drag and drop filtering criteria, providing instant segmentation on all screens and reports.

Data Extract / Excel Integration

ARCS is an open system, allowing easy extract of data into Excel friendly format. Easily choose the fields you for any date in the past, and filter by custom segments/portfolios. Save the extract definition, or schedule it for email delivery.

Standard & Ad-Hoc Reporting

Easily “slice and dice” your portfolio using an extensive library of standard reports. Each report can be instantly run against an unlimited number of custom portfolios (e.g. “Past Due Energy Loans” vs. “Nursing Homes in Florida”, etc.).

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