Loan Portfolio Management

Loan Portfolio Management

ARCS provides a simple, consolidated dashboard of all the loans in your bank, with drill down access to loan details and powerful reporting. Eliminate offline spreadsheets and Word documents by capturing all loan related information in a single working file that is always in sync with your core system.

Detailed Loan Working File

Quickly view a snapshot of all core system fields on a single page, and easily roll back to any prior effective date. Then navigate by loan tabs to see payment history, customers, detailed collateral and valuations, covenants, notes, documents, and more.

Loan Approval Workflow

Powerful rules-based approval workflow with email notifications and audit trail.

Detailed management of borrower and prospective borrower relationships with critical adjustments needed for accurate loans-to-one-borrower analysis. Sophisticated logic identifies complex relationships across customers.

Loan Portfolio Segmentation

Users can easily create private or shared loan portfolios using drag and drop filtering criteria, providing instant segmentation on all screens and reports.


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