Loan Covenant Tracking

Loan Covenant Tracking

With the changing lending environment over the last 10 years, commercial loan covenants have become a critical risk management tool. As a result, examiners and auditors expect to see a formal covenant tracking approach with proper controls and reporting in place. The ARCS Loan Covenant Tracking module provides a full-featured solution that eliminates spreadsheets and highlights covenant exceptions with the click of a button. Features include:

  • Bank defined covenant definitions and rules
  • Covenant reviews with custom approval workflows
  • Historical covenant tracking and reporting
  • Ability to waive non-compliant covenants
  • Support for attachments
  • Instant compliance reporting

Loan Level Covenant Tracking

See the current status of a specific loan’s covenants from the working file.

Loan Level Covenant Tracking

Covenant Reviews

Perform periodic covenant testing with dynamic approval workflow.

Covenant Reviewsi

Covenant Review with Trending

Covenant Exception Reporting

Easily review covenant exceptions and trends with powerful reporting.

Covenant Compliance Report

Trending for Individual Covenant Types

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