ARCS Professional Services

ARCS Professional Services

Standard Services

VSI consultants will be assigned to any new ARCS client to ensure a successful implementation. Standard implementation services include:


Installation, deployment, and testing of all required ARCS software components.


Defining and testing the interface between ARCS and your existing core loan servicing system. We have existing interfaces for most common core banking systems, and can easily integrate with other 3rd party loan systems.  As part of this initial integration, VSI consultants will perform data mapping, data validation, and setup of nightly integration processes.

System Configuration

VSI consultants will work closely with your bank to assist in the configuration of required system parameters and preferences.

Standard Training

VSI utilizes a “train the trainer” model to ensure the key users in each business area are trained in the application, best practices, and daily job functions.

Optional Services

Data Conversion

In most cases we can convert existing loan data into ARCS for historical purposes. Common history conversion includes appraisals, loan balances, and collateral information.

Business Process Adoption

In many cases, ARCS is automating processes that have been largely manual or ad-hoc in the past. As a result, we often assist with the implementation of ARCS best practices, including:

  • Defining roles and responsibilities across the organization
  • Recommendation and adoption of approval processes
  • Use of real-time WatchLists vs. End of Month / End of Quarter reporting
  • Loan review and related process improvement
  • Impairment analysis

Additional Training

VSI trainers are available to provide additional onsite classroom based training or web-based training, as needed.

Additional System Integration

ARCS can take feeds from multiple systems, providing a single consolidated view of the bank’s loan portfolio that has traditionally been spread across disparate systems.

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