Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a software company or a consulting company?

We have two divisions of the company. The Software division develops, delivers, and supports the ARCS software platform. Our System Integration division assists banks with core system conversions, system integration, project management, and related services.

Is ARCS deployed as an in-house solution or a service bureau/ASP/cloud solution?

We offer both in-house and hosted deployment options.

What is the technology behind ARCS?

ARCS is developed on the Microsoft .NET development stack, and utilizes an ASP.NET front end (browser deployed), object-oriented middle tier written in C#, and multiple SQLServer databases.

Can ARCS be used to consolidate multiple loan systems?

Yes. ARCS supports the integration from multiple systems, and can be used to provide a single consolidated view of the entire  portfolio, regardless of the number of  systems used.

How long does it take to implement ARCS in a production environment?

A standard ARCS implementation can be completed in 30-45 days or less.

Who are the primary users of ARCS?

We typically see the following areas benefiting from ARCS:  Lending (Loan Officers, Credit Administration, and Department Managers), Credit Underwriting, Loan Operations, Loan Review, Special Assets/Workout, Accounting, Deposit ops, and Executives. Some of our institutions have almost 600 users in the system on a regular basis.

What about user security?

ARCS uses a granular role-based security model to ensure the right users are accessing the right data. Additionally, we track all changes to the database and offer forensic level reporting of all activity that has occurred in the system.

How much history is stored in ARCS?

We will work with your bank to develop an appropriate data retention strategy, however, we typically store at least 1-2 years of daily loan level history, and unlimited end of month history.

Can you convert prior loan history?

Yes, as long as the history can be provided in a structured format. Typical history conversion includes prior loan balances, appraisals, and accounting information (discount/premium amortizations, etc.).

What options are available to extract data from ARCS?

ARCS is an open system and provides multiple mechanisms for customers to retrieve data, including:

– printing of reports and data listings directly to Microsoft Excel

– extracting of data to Microsoft Excel using the ARCS Data Extract function, which allows for a wide variety of fields to be selected and filtered

– for customers with in-house SQL expertise, ARCS data can be queried through a standard ODBC connection

How much does ARCS cost?

ARCS uses a simplified per-user pricing model, starting at $125 per-user, per-month. Discounted pricing tiers are available based on user volume. Pricing includes access to all ARCS solutions and modules*.

*User minimums may apply. Does not include one-time, fixed-price implementation fee, to be determined based on scope and complexity. Additional fees may apply for hosted/cloud deployments.

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