• “I love the ease in which I can pull up a quick snapshot of a loan in ARCS – it’s 10 times easier than it was before”
  • “I’m in there every day for something – we don’t even go into the core system anymore”
  • “It sure makes the flow easier to understand for an auditor. The have had a hard time understanding how the flow works without ARCS. Now it is so much easier and precise – it really makes it clear for them.”

CCO, $10B Dallas Bank

  • “I use ARCS as a portfolio management tool to get a daily view of our portfolio. It’s my go-to system – I don’t use the core system for anything. The core is way too much for what I want. ARCS is simple and easy to use.”
  • “ARCS is so easy to use – I just pull it up and I’m there. If someone has a question I can go in and see all the relevant information and answer their question.”
  • “We used to use spreadsheets for this stuff – the spreadsheet game is no good. They’re not reliable, they’re not repeatable. ARCS eliminates the frustration of dealing with spreadsheets.”

COO, $1.6B Dallas Bank

  • “I get questions every day about a loan, so I use ARCS as a quick reference tool. It’s very easy to find a loan and see all of the important information. I rarely go into the core anymore.” – SVP | Head of Credit Administration, $10B Dallas Bank
  • “The selling point for me was the consolidation of credit risk tracking and workflow. We were managing this with spreadsheets at the time, and ARCS is so natural and easy”
  • “ARCS provides a ‘locked-in repeatable process’ that can easily be evaluated by examiners and auditors”
  • “When a credit problem arises, I need to know what is going on with the loan. ARCS is the quickest way to see who is looking at it, the discussions around it, the recent approvals or changes to it, etc. This leads me to make better decisions and act more forcefully.”

CEO, $1.2B Kansas City Bank

“ARCS is revolutionizing the way we do things around here”

EVP Loan Management, $1.7B Bank

“I love me some ARCS!”

EVP/COO, $1.4B Bank

“I’ve been waiting for this software for years”

Special Assets Manager, $10B Bank, after seeing ARCS


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