VSI Solutions has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2007.



VSI has partnered with BankTEL Systems to provide integrated REO / Accounts Payable solutions. With 20 years of serving financial institutions, BankTEL Systems is the premier provider of financial accounting and cash management software applications. With more than 1,100 clients in all 50 states and multiple international locations, BankTEL has a number of offerings to help financial institutions cut costs, increase deposits, and automate their internal processes. With the core values in cost-effective software and customer service, BankTEL is able to offer top notch support and product offerings that fit the needs of their clients. 


VSI has partnered with TPG Software to provide integrated Loan Management and Securities solutions. With 25 years of experience with depository institutions, TPG Software is the premier provider of Investments, Liabilities and Derivatives solutions. With more than 150 clients in North and Latin America, TPG Software has a number of products to help financial institutions increase accuracy and efficiency while automating their business processes.


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